Sound engineer from Ulm:

„First job and only epic material. Awesome sound and really loud - vocals are there and also the rest, of course. We’ve never had the pleasure of such a listening experience. A successful changeover.“
Sound engineer from Eastern Germany:

„The VT20 system is hard to describe. The sound is truly palpable and detailed, something which I’ve never heard from any other system before.“
Sound engineer from Middle Germany:

„One can hardly believe that the slim TX20 plays in such a big and matured way with the super portable SW18s. I’m still wondering where the pronounced fundamental range comes from.“
Sound engineer from Herne:

„Thank you for these loudspeakers. I can’t say more than that.“
Sound engineer from Austria:

„What you created here is quite a challenge.“
Sound engineer from the Ruhr district:

„The M10 monitor definitely delivers more than what it promises.
Mega output and sound for its size. Will not lose track even at slightly higher volume levels. Really impressive.
The workmanship is also top-notch.“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„The M10 has surpassed my expectations. The rendition of the speaker and how the voice is standing up front, this is no less than spectacular for the little box.
The feedback from the musicians confirmed my impression right at the first live gig.“
Sound engineer from Brandenburg:

„The MT12 is a transparent loudspeaker with a good resolution, even when things get really loud at the R&R sometimes. Absolutely convincing.“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„After the first two jobs with SW 12 and MT 10 it will occur to you only when unrigging to have set up such a ’small PA’. So much sound from such a little cabinet. Incredible!!!! Output and sound are definitely marvellous ... and among the best I’ve ever heard in this class. Hats off to Pro Audio.“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„Am fascinated by the SW12. Awesome performance from the small speaker. Need one, too.“
Sound engineer from the Ruhr district:

„Very hot, the SW12. Cool workmanship, ultra fast response and bone-dry.
The little sub is truly great fun.“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„The SW12 is impressive. It’s super compact, but sounds like a big subwoofer.“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„We have checked out three SW12 and one MT12 per side. This is definitely a full-fledged PA that leaves nothing to be desired.“
Sound engineer from Gelsenkirchen:

„What I experienced yesterday with one HT16 on each side, can’t possibly come from a speaker with these dimensions. Was easily able to fill a gospel concert for 800 people. The FOH seat was 65ft. away from the PA. There I heard lead voices which were standing beside me. I’m deeply impressed and have found my speaker.
Thanks for these gorgeous loudspeakers.“
Sound engineer from Hesse:

„The M20 does everything you would expect from a professional monitor. It produces high levels with very low feedback susceptibility. And all this with a linear frequency response and a very even sound dispersion. The bass reproduction is unusually powerful.“
Sound engineer from UK:

„We did a show with a great band with one HT16 Tourset on front of house and 6x M20 on stage. I ran the monitors from FOH desk, and only used 1x -1dB cut at 3.15k on the monitor output graphic. The band said it was one of the best stage sounds they have ever had!“
Sound engineer from Pfullingen:

„At first I was a bit sceptical because of the 8“ chassis in the HT16. After the first gig I’m really surprised; above all I was so happy with the fast attack and the dynamics. Nice job.“
Sound engineer from Ulm:

„We are totally thrilled by the HT16 Tourset.
Since we’ve owned the system, we are delighted every time afresh.“
Sound engineer from Stuttgart:

„The M20 are terrific. The bass reproduction is just as amazing as the achievable maximum sound pressure level before feedback.“
Sound engineer from Stuttgart:

„I simply don’t know how I could have fun without your speakers before.“
Sound engineer from Stuttgart:

„Meanwhile I believe that – especially in view of the many possible applications, the totally stress-free handling and what comes out up front – the MT12 is a masterpiece!“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„More or less by chance I had the opportunity to mix over 4 HT16 and 8 SW18. I instantly noticed the transparent sound with delicate highs, defined mids and punchy lows. Even 30 m away it was unusually well-balanced. The sound really impressed me deeply.“
Sound engineer from Hesse:

„With the new setups the loudspeakers sound even cleaner. Customers, sound people and musicians are greatly impressed.“
Sound engineer from Middle Germany:

„The HT16 Tourset is a hifi system with 140 dB.“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„Soundwise the M20 reminds more of a hifi speaker. But it’s still super direct and can go extremely loud without feedbacking. Great tool.“
Musician from Stuttgart:

„A world-class monitor, but honestly I didn’t expect anything less. What I had heard from the company so far, was already phantastic.“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„When it comes to low-end reproduction, the M20 truly amazed me. Its clarity and directness even with the deepest of bass frequencies can’t be rivalled that way by any other stage monitor.“
DJ from Castrop-Rauxel:

„The combination of 2 x SW18 and 2 x MT10 on the Delta 8.4-DSP forced a broad grin on my face, which could also not be avoided because I simply had such a hilarious ball with the music. Even the classical violin was taking my joy to sublime heights.
Congrats to you for such a wonderful sound system!“
Sound engineer from Northern Germany:

„The MT10 are real fun. Totally in-the-face and when you’re turning the EQ controls, things will happen exactly the way you want it. Truly awesome.“
Sound engineer from Hesse:

„I liked the SW18 very much. The MT12 is the best 12“ cabinet I’ve ever heard. Extremely loud.“
Sound engineer from Northern Germany:

„Your speakers are truly convincing.
Add to this a great support. Really smashing.
Other companies may well take a page from your book.“
Sound engineer from Stuttgart:

„The HT16 are awesome. I’d never have guessed that they produce so little SPL drop-off over distance and have such an extreme speech intelligibility in such an acoustically troublesome hall.“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„The first entry was the kicker. I was hugely amazed at how those few speakers could pump such a mighty sound into a hall that big.“
Sound engineer from Middle Germany:

„The HT16 is a live dream.“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„The MT12 Clubset reveals its true potential only when used live. Nice tool, absolutely stressless performance and no changes in sound and distortion whenever things get loud.“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„New monitors, new tops, same band, same stage, but much lower stage levels. Still each musician heard what they wanted to hear. The musicians and the organiser were highly satisfied, and we fall into line.“
Sound engineer from Northern Germany:

„The resolution is simply wonderful and the achievable sound pressure level amazing.
As always you didn’t talk too big.“
Sound engineer from Northern Germany:

„HT16 with 3 18“ stacked per side – Phantastic sound. Powerful bass, brilliant highs and most importantly no booming lows on stage.
The same with MT12 plus SW18. No matter which variant, everything is controlled by only one 14.4 DSP. It couldn’t be easier.
Bottom line – TOP – everything super to handle, also with a woman by my side.
To Thomas Müller and his team – keep it up!“
Sound engineer from Eastern Germany:

„After the first event with MT10 and SW18 at a club concert I can only say: Amazing how big the small system sounds.“
DJ from Southern Germany:

„After checking out SW18 and MT12 I’ve resolved on one thing: This is gonna be my new system.“
Sound engineer from Eastern Germany:

„Recently we had a metal open air with 24 SW18 and 8 HT16. The FOH place was 35m away from the PA. It’s incredible how precisely you can work with the system over that distance. I’m already looking forward to more jobs with this equipment.“
DJ from Middle Germany:

„MT12 and SW18 are playing in a totally different league than our previous system. Their sound and musicality have definitely sold me.“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„We have tested and then purchased SW18, MT10, MT12 and HT16. That gear brings fun, I can’t think of any other way to describe it.“
Band from Southern Germany:

„MT12 with SW18 is a small and very fine system. Four loudspeakers, a small amp for everything. Rig them up, plug in the cables, turn them on – all good. And that little bit of equipment sounds like a large system.“
Sound engineer from Middle Germany:

„We can hardly find words. What are they saying in that commercial again: I’m loving it.“
Sound engineer from Southern Germany:

„As a freelance sound engineer you will lay your hands on several different systems over the year.
HT16 with SW18 subs below did surprise me. The 60-piece symphony orchestra sounded phantastic. Amazing for a horn-loaded system which allows such high sound pressure levels.“
Sound engineer from Eastern Germany:

„NEVER before have I witnessed that much alarm coming from so little wood and amping with 2 Schuko plugs.
6 x HT 16, 12 SW18 subs and 2 x MT 10 for the nearfield ...
I can only say this must be incorporated into the riders of this world as an accepted system.“
Old-school rock´n roller from Frankfurt:

„Now that I’m getting long in the tooth, the coolest stuff hits the market.“
Band from Middle Germany after switching and the first concerts:

„MT10: The "little one" has immediately become our favourite speaker.
Whether as a monitor or as a top with events of up to 250 people ...
Unbeatable in sound, output & workmanship in this class!

MT12: Finally a speaker cabinet which is not just loud or tolerant against feedback, but has even a high-definiton sound!
You can clearly recognise every instrument and the voice in the mix.
In short: “Great craftsmanship, first-class efficiency and a very good price/performance ratio."

HT16: I’d suggest the “large“ manufacturers should take this top as a reference.
Here someone really buckled down and did his homework!
The overall performance of this "small" system in combination with the SW18 is incredible.
This was also attested in a short time by other musicians and visitors.
In the long run an investment which also serves to upgrade us as a band!

On behalf of the band we say thanks a lot once again for the support and those great developments.
We’re having fun every night at the gig and many a time a grin on our faces!
Keep it up...“

Technical service provider from Baden-Wurttemberg:

„I am truly amazed at how commanding the subs sound for their size. There’s nothing missing in the low end.
But what the small and handy top can do, is incredible to my mind, especially when considering the little paper cones. Even with brute drums and guitars there is still enough room for the vocals and solo instruments.
When I think of how fast even larger applications are rigged up and ready to play, I’m wondering that others are doing wrong.“

Soundengineer from Bavaria:

„To me HT16 and SW18 are a reference system.
Coverage and controllability with high levels are impressive.
The system sounds like a big loudspeaker and translates everything I’m doing at the console.“

Band from the Cologne area:

„The fiddling is over. This "unusual honesty" enables us to work faster.
The mix is done in nothing flat. Turn on ... good sound. Everything’s just right.
An extremely clean sound image, no matter if soft or very loud.“

DJ from Southern Germany:

„The system MT10 plus SW18 is a winner. Wherever we’re making music with it, people will come up and compliment us on the system’s outstanding performance.“

Band from Nothern Germany:

„After several gigs with SW18 and MT10 we got ourselves the MT10 as monitors, too. So small and lightweight and, boy, what a sound.
Soundwise the best we’ve laid our hands on in more than 20 years as musicians.
And the support is absolutely exemplary. This is how it’s got to be. We are happy all the way.“

Technical service provider from Middle Germany:

„The MT10 sounds like a highend hifi speaker. Compared to these, our current loudspeakers definitely have a sort of PA sound.
Very much to our liking, the little one.“

Technical service provider from Southern Germany:

„The MT10 has convinced us in every respect. A sound revelation.
As the manufacturer himself states: Not all black boxes are created equal.“

Technical service provider from Middle Germany:

„Soundwise the MT10 is very clean and can produce surprisingly high volume levels for its size.
Its visual appearance is nicely understated and the Speakon thing makes it perfect.“

Technical service provider from Eastern Germany:

„MT10: The wolf in sheep’s clothing!“

Technical service provider from Middle Germany:

„Hi guys,
the MT10 is flawless, I just can’t tell otherwise. A successful speaker all the way, which as a monitor has already amazed quite a few musicians.“

Technical service provider from Cologne:

„Our technicians were at the fair and heard your system out in the open. They were really excited.
Two days later I visited the fair myself and could instantly share their enthusiasm.“

Sound engineer from Switzerland:

„I heard your system in Frankfurt.
To my liking, it was the best I heard in Frankfurt.
Impressive for the size.“

Distributor aus Belgien:

„We heard your demo in Frankfurt. Can you send us some more information about your speaker-systems?“

Technical service provider from Hagen:

„On Saturday I heard your system demo on one of the outdoor stages and was thrilled ...“

Band talking to their technical service provider after the first concert with HT16, SW28 and DELTA14.4-DSP:

in my opinion, and that of many visitors, yesterday we had the “fattest“ and also the cleanest sound ever ... ! (Martin, too, was enthusiastic about the lush sound ...!)
A killer PA, notably the sound coverage and the low feedback susceptibilty are incredible!“

Technical service provider from Bavaria:

„ The keys and samples have a sound like never before. And there are only two 8“ chassis inside ... Incredible!
The HT16 top is a spot landing.“

Technical service provider from Southern Germany:

„ The first test at an open air venue for 2,000 people was impressive.
The system shows that not for every job with more than 500 visitors the speakers must be hung up laterally.“

Technical service provider from the Lake Constance area:

„We have tested SW28 and HT16 with a live band and compared them to our present equipment.
You've got to hear it for yourself. One can hardly describe it.
A great system which thrills us time and again.“

Technical service provider from Bavaria:

„The HT16 tops are just awesome! I was really impressed by their sound. So far I haven't seen any other horn-loded top which sounds so clean. With the subs placed underneath, the system will bring you joy.“

DJ from Southern Germany:

„As a DJ you're served with many different systems over the year.
I can't get the ProAudio Technology system out of my head.
An amazing equipment which is still great fun with massive levels.“

Technical service provider from Middle Germany:

„What we still don't get is how twelve subs in cardioid mode and four tops plus two infills which produce such a sound can be driven by only two 2HU power amps.
Unbelievable, but what we hear is the truth!“

Band from Bavaria:

„We've been playing music for over 20 years.
We checked out a lot during the past years and also were more or less satisfied.
Since we've been using SW18 and HT16, we are not just satisfied, but delighted.
An outstanding system, backed by a very good support. What more can you ask for?“

Technical service provider from East Germany:

„We strongly favour a systemic approach. Which means being able to cover everything with as few speaker cabinets as possible.
SW18, SW28 and HT16 have got all you need and are driven by excellent electronics. Somebody must have been using his brains!“
By now we've sold our former loudspeakers from a renowned German maker.“

Technical service provider from Middle Germany:

„Through our partner company we were made aware of the SW18 subs. Following tests in various applications and very different numbers, we got ourselves a whole bunch of SW18s.
By the way: actually we didn't want to buy new subs at all.“ (smirking)

Technical service provider from Southern Germany:

„A PA system which convinces with practical details and a perfect handling. It's nice that you don't always need to have a line array to get a great sound!“

Rock band from Karlsruhe:

„Listening to the HT16 tops live for the first time, we couldn't believe our ears. A hall of 40 m length with only two tops per side – inconceivable for us.
But the soundcheck of the hardrock band did teach us better.
We were, and still are, impressed and look forward to getting our new system.“

DJ booking agency from Middle Germany:

„Our top DJs got in touch with the T16-SW18 system at different locations. They kept raving about that system.
We have now included the loudspeaker systems into our contracts.“

Dance band from Freudenstadt:

„The SW18 plus HT16 keep us gettng thrilled time and again – even in a stacking mode.
No lengthy adjustments; just put it up, connect it, turn it on and you're ready to go. We had been searching for something like that for so longt!“

Foreign distributor:

„The SW18 Subs are very fast. Truly amazing.“

Technical service provider from the Stuttgart area:

„Already with the first performance check of the HT16 touring set we were causing a sensation at the event agency.
The system will now be booked explicitly from us.“

Technical service provider from Southern Germany:

„A full-grown horn system with stunning musicality“.
Well done, guys!“